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Jun. 1st, 2010

> --- silencewhite wrote:
> > Title: The empty puzzle
> > Pairing: Haehyuk
> > Genre: angst, romance, fluff
> > Rating: NC-17
> donghae have kissed alot of people before girls (afew boys)but when he kissed eunhyuk he felt like he was melting and felt that his back is frozen and he felt his face so hot.....the kiss was just simple kiss first just lips on lips after afew seconds donghae licked hyuk lower lip eunhyuk open his mouth becuase this was hae the only pearson he loved more than strowbery milk ........they began to deepen the kiss until this kiss was like years to hae and then thier tounqe started to play with each other un like other coupels they didnt battle who is going to controle becuause they both wanted the other to enjoy......
> hae was scared to ask for sex on the first night so he didnt do anything but when they parted from the kiss to breath he looked at eunhyuk ( the beautiful milky skin the amzing neck his aeyes that looked like god took alot of time to make them perfect the pink lips that any girl would dream to have ) hae couldnt take it just watching eunhyuk made him feel his pants tighter.....
> "i think i have aproblem hyuki" "what" hyuk said with aeyes full of love and care"iam going to die and the only thing on my min that i want to rip that shirt off your body" hyuk blushed like atomatto "hae do it...ahhaa" before eunhyuk could even finish hae was copletly have lost it like adrunken man seeing aolchole he cant controel it hae was riping hyuk shirt (iam sorry i forget what u wrote about hyuk cloth so i went with shirt sorry again) anyway......hyk was lying on the bed breathig heavily while hae was kissing his neck and his chest reaching his nippels he lick the space between the nippels and around the right nipple than than startd kissing it"ahaa...ahhaaaaa hae ha..e haaaae" eunhyuk screamed when donghae bite it and then he did the same to the other one....hae stood up and then brought somthing and hide it under the blanket"hae.whats that?.." hyuk said in aneddy tone "dont worry about that now"hae said that while kissing hyuk deeply than kissing his way down until he reached the zipper he opened it with his teeth than took it off along with the boxer and then he stoped and took abreath "hyuk are you sure ?....i mean i can wait as long as you want i mean it i dont want you to hate me everr" hae was scared alittle bit"you idiot you stoped agreat to ask adump questaion like that i will never hate you as i said i love you and the last time i heard people dont love and hate every second"hae smiled "you will regret calling me an idiot" he said than grapped hyuk member in his hands and then started stroking it then he stoped smirked than moved his thump along the member"haaae dont tease"hae was enjoying what he was doing to hyuk.....
> "hae take your pants off please" he siad wining in acute way that made hae chuckle in afunny way and he did take it off and the game will start about now that was just thw start
> i will finish it tomorrow i have to sleep now.............sorry my dad is yelling at me sorry my english sucks and this is my first time writting such athing so please understand and dont hate me i will finish it i promice
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time



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