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Writer's Block: Bless you!

What are you allergic to?
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

Nov. 4th, 2011

hi everyone my name is tyra or yuki
some of you may know me and some of you might not will iam asuper junior fan and ahaehyuk fan and..... u know the rest

well today is my birthday and i wish everyone ahappy year with me
may it be ayear full of haehyuk showing thier love and us fangirls dying hopefully this year they will accdentliy leak a sex video (pervert minded lol)

i wanna thank all my friends here and around the world and to all the great writers here on lj who may not know me but i have truly enjoyed thier work and it made my cloudy days brighter and hoter ;) iam sorry if i dont comment much but i will starting from today i promice i will make aname for myslef and to all the elfs here (be strong) lets always love sj the way we always did all of them from the leader to the evil magne and good year everyone iam 17 now yayyyyyyy ^^

he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

Jan. 19th, 2011

hi........its yuki
i need some help here i hope all my friends and others will help me...iam going to malaysia in amonth and i dont know anything there or anyone so if there are any one here from there can they help me to know some things like where to buy suju albums and pictures and othere things pleaseeeeeeee

he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

title:our big date
summary:kihyuk first date with each other

i dont own any of the boys so........ihatelifesomuch

"its for you" eunhyuk was standing in shock infront of all the studnts there was the strong pretty famouse kibum giving him flowers eunhyuks wonderd if its real...."ouuuuuuuuch" and it was he piched himself and it was realy true not adream.....

"omg are you ok?" eunhyuk was still shocked he was holding eunhyuk hand seeing if he is ok not caring that all the students were looking and whispiring to each other....eunhyuk was realy in shock...

"y yea i..am fine" eunhyuk tried hard not to faint although it was very hard with that smile on kibum face that he loved for along time...
"what happend?" "i just ..."  eunhyuk was to embarresed to say the true

"making sure it was real" he finaly said it
"ehh?" kibum gave him acute smile and took his hand"lee hyukaje will you go out with me on adate" kibum was realy scared that eunhyuk will say no because even though kibum was famouse eunhyuk was avery loved pearson alot of people had crush on him.


kibum pov

omg he said yes ...iam so happy omg where should i take him? what should i wear ?what should i say?what should i do?
calm down kibum you have two day till the date oh my fucking god just two day 
"what am i going to say what if he have abad time?"
god i miss him i will text hin now

eunhyuk pov

stupid homework its the middle of the night and iam not finish "ehh" i have atext letter from .......omg kibum fuck the homework love come first then homework

hi hyuk
i miss you alot about our date where do you want to go?
i mean i just want you to have fun
love yea bye

eunhyuk gigled like aschool girl when he read it and soon atart o replay

i missed you 2 life is boring wihtout you and homework isnt making it better
anywere you like is fime with me
love yea 2 bye bye

i wonder where he will take me?

kibum pov
after getting his reply i couldnt help but smile at his cutnesse imagining him saying love yea is so cute kibum what are you doing get ready now

finaly the day of the date here iam infront of his house realy scared of what is going to happen ans also happy iam haveing my first date with the love of my life....

the door is open here he is standing there smiling at me kibum say somthing dont stand there like afool god he is so perfect that perfect skin with that black skinny jeans and white shirt with black jaket......he look like agirl i want to kiss him and hug him and touch kibum wake up

eunhyuk pov

he wasnt saying anything iam so scared do i look bad or somthing.."hi kibum" i said to break the silence ..."hi lets go" he finaly said somthing iam so happy man he look good why is he dating me?

anyway we went in his car yes he has ablue sport care his parents are rich he was wearing asuit omg are we going somwere formal i should have wore somthing diffrent

"nice car" i said i hate the silnce "its not as nice as you" i cant belice he said that omg eunhyuk dont let him see you blushing
anyway we went to abig resturent orderd he let me order for him which was realy cool..this resturant is big so i tried to order somthing not so expinsive....we ate and talked about school life music everything

kibum pove

we are in the park walking "hyuk can i kiss you?" i asked because i cant take it anymore
he was blushing like hell he nodded and i got closer i can fell his hot breath aganist mine this feeling is so great then our lips met i didnt do athing until he opend his mouth to invit me in and i tool the chance " ki.." he tried to say somthing between our kiss but i kept lcking his lips and making his go crazy finaly we stopped kissing after like 10 minutes omg are we human?

eunhyuk pov

i just had my first kiss my first real date and it was with the man of my dreams this is the best day ever and i didnt fain or anything to make him scared

we are ifront of my house making out god we should stop everybody in the street saw us but we didnt care
"hyuk i love you i always have please accept my feeling" he asked me"ofcurse i accpet your feeling stupid why are we having this date then" i said smiling "thanx alot moment runiner " i smiled and kissed him slowley "i love you too from along time " i smiled and blushed how did i say that in asecond

he smiled and i went home....this is my favirot day we kept talking on the phone acutaly i kept talking and he was listoning and agreeing with me i love him and nothin can stop us after our big date


pleae comment pleaseeeeeeeeeeei know i sick i should have wrote the date with more ditals i know i know iknow
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

thats when you know it

when the doctor step in your office telling you will be fine then smile and make ajoke with you then go out to talk to your parents and family and you see thier faces close to tears but they are holding them so you wount worry......thats when you know it

when your boyfriend or girlfriend call and your mom answer them and tell them how are you and why you have missed school these days they will come the next day telling you that they cant deal with the pain and they are not strong enugh to take care of this and you need to break up thats when you know it

when you go to school and everyone look at you like aghost and act nice with you and start saying sorry if they have done anything yo hurt you in the past thats when you know it

when every stranger you see tell you look pale and you should eat thats when you know it

when you get out of the bathroom and stand infront of the mirror to do your hair that you took care for so long that long hair and you start doing it and it falls in your hand worrning you that it is coming thats when you know it

when you start asking yourslef what will happen to me and have i spend my life doing the right things and is there realy heaven and hell and which one iam going to is there realy abetter place up there and is there where iam going thats when you know it

when you look in the mirror and say thats not me iam more alife thats when you know it

when all your cusins come to see you from far away maybe you have never seen those cusins before and you hear thier kids saying why do we have to be here mom and their mom says its just aday we nedd to spend here she is dying anyway thats when you know it

when you start remmbering those boyfriends and girlfreinds you had in the past how they hurted you gave you good days and bad days happy days and sad days how they made you cry and made you feel sorry for yourself  and start wishing you can just go back in time and just delete those memories thats when you know it

when you are at the hospital and the doctors tell you that you will be fine and you are astrong then he will talk to your parents outside your room and you see him shaking his head and saying sorry and you mom start crying while your dad is speachels while holding your mom and trying to be the strong member of the family thats when you know it

that you are going slowly and painfuly that you are falling in an ocean nobody of the one you love can get you out of that you are fainly have reached the limit or the finish line no more everything no more pain no more sadness no more guilt no more tears and also no more happy moments no more laughs no more fun no more friends no more love no more anything you loved and hated...

you will start thinking how to spend those last days maybe with your family or maybe with your friends should you have fun and do the things you always wished to do in your life but never got the chance or maybe spend them crying and saying why me god why me or maybe spend them prying for forgivnesse from the god for all those stupid mistakes you did in your life.....

becuase you are dying......
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

Jun. 12th, 2010

title:he is our boyfirnd
warrning:school drama...romance...rape...smut...use of toy...spanking...alot worst(lol)
summaru:(here we goeunhyuk is anormal student in high school he is not the smartest or the strongest anyway on the other hand kibum and donghae are the school buliies who beat kids and steal thier lunch money everyday but someday when they are beating kids they see aboy walking alone in thier dark alley so they think about beating him but when they look at him he is so cute they think somthing elese after raping him everyday they both fall in love with him...........

''please dont..haaa" when eunhyuk heard the sound of apearson secreaming in his way back home all he could think about is helping that pearson....

"please its all i have i swear" the boy beged the bulies to leave him alone
"thats all you have brat huh?" donghae kicked the boy again and again
"your parents are rich dont lie you have more money than that where is it?" kibum said and he kicked the boy to

eunhyuk pov

i hears someone screaming and beging for help i hope iam not to late i ran to the voice it was adark alley then i standed the voice was gone i hope iam not too late god help me...

"i swaer it all i have i swear"the boy beged again"stop crying like agirl"hae yelled while kicking the boy"let me go please" the boy said one more time before he passed out from all the kicking and beating he got

i saw aboy laying on the floor lifeless omg is he died i walked to him and tried to wake him up "wake up can you hear me?" i asked while trying to wake the boy then he hardly opened his aeyes"g..go or they w..will hurt you" the boy said i couldnt understand well but i didnt care i wanted to help him..

donghae pov

i heard avoice from the behind omfg is that boy ok after all that beating me and kibum gave him i turened and saw anew boy standing above the boy we left..
"kibum look"i said while pointing towards the boy we left
"who is that stupid who is trying to help aboy who have just got beat up ?" kibum said i thinked about it too normaly people will just run away or somthing
"lets take alook"i said and we went and saw askinny boy trying to helo the guy we just beat to death omg is he that stupid..and he was realy pretty skinny and with red soft hair and milky skin he was like angel...i want him

kibum pov

i was looking at the boy who was trying to give ahand to the pearson we just left ...he was so cute red plump lips spft hair and tall slim body god am i drooling stoped kibum think stright i looked at hae he was looking toward the gut to we both didnt say aword until we say that the gut we left stand it up with the angel help ofcorse when the guy we left alomst died left the pretty boy was going to go i wanted to do somthing "i dont belive that boy think he can help whatever and get away with it lets teach him alesson waht do you say kibum?" hae asked me i nodded and here we are in front of him he was pritter from infront....god iam droling again

eunhyuk pov

i was so happy the guy i helped standed up and left and sudnly these tow boys were infront of me they came out of no where i was so scared they didnt look pacefull at all they looked at me for up to down like aguy cheeking agirl he like it was realy creepy calm down hyuk just walk away they probly want nothing.....i walked away passing them one of them who looks like afish pinned me on the wall am i going to get beat up too help me god please..."where do you think you are going?" the fish asked me "being anaughty boy and then just  going without apunishment that is not right?" the other boy said to me iam so fucked or i will be if i dont run the hell out

i tried to get away before end up with aslap on my fave (what the hell did i get myfelf into?) i asked myself while my face was so red and then the fish boy looked at me again "it hot in here why dont i help you with that" the fish boy ripped my shirt and the other guy pulled down my pants and boxer i was naked at thier murcey...

"turn him around it will be more fun from behind " the tall one said he looked quit younger that me but thats not what i was thinking i was naked in adark alley with two horny basterds trying to reape me but it was very hot in the same time omfg am i enjoying this "not before i do this " the fish boy said and licked my left nipple and sucked it until it was hard he sucked like ababy sucking his mom brest for milk "hhaaaaa...aaa s stop pleae"i was moaning and beging in the same time"give it atry kibum he is tasty" i learned one of thier names but that didnt hlep because now the other is licking my other nipple and sucking abd bitting with his teeth and i was moaning like aslut haveing fun.....

donghae pov

he was hot cute and sexy i wanted to fuck him like hell tonight is going to be fun i started kissing his mouth and exploring his moth with my tonque kibum graped his memeber and he moaned the most beautifull moan in the world i kissed hared before kissing his neck...before pulling kibum away "aaaaaaaaaahhhhh" he screamed as i gave him ablow job....then i turend him around his face on the wall he was screaming and i was enjoying it spicaly my little fishy was..

i will copelte it later
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time

Jun. 1st, 2010

> --- silencewhite wrote:
> > Title: The empty puzzle
> > Pairing: Haehyuk
> > Genre: angst, romance, fluff
> > Rating: NC-17
> donghae have kissed alot of people before girls (afew boys)but when he kissed eunhyuk he felt like he was melting and felt that his back is frozen and he felt his face so hot.....the kiss was just simple kiss first just lips on lips after afew seconds donghae licked hyuk lower lip eunhyuk open his mouth becuase this was hae the only pearson he loved more than strowbery milk ........they began to deepen the kiss until this kiss was like years to hae and then thier tounqe started to play with each other un like other coupels they didnt battle who is going to controle becuause they both wanted the other to enjoy......
> hae was scared to ask for sex on the first night so he didnt do anything but when they parted from the kiss to breath he looked at eunhyuk ( the beautiful milky skin the amzing neck his aeyes that looked like god took alot of time to make them perfect the pink lips that any girl would dream to have ) hae couldnt take it just watching eunhyuk made him feel his pants tighter.....
> "i think i have aproblem hyuki" "what" hyuk said with aeyes full of love and care"iam going to die and the only thing on my min that i want to rip that shirt off your body" hyuk blushed like atomatto "hae do it...ahhaa" before eunhyuk could even finish hae was copletly have lost it like adrunken man seeing aolchole he cant controel it hae was riping hyuk shirt (iam sorry i forget what u wrote about hyuk cloth so i went with shirt sorry again) anyway......hyk was lying on the bed breathig heavily while hae was kissing his neck and his chest reaching his nippels he lick the space between the nippels and around the right nipple than than startd kissing it"ahaa...ahhaaaaa hae ha..e haaaae" eunhyuk screamed when donghae bite it and then he did the same to the other one....hae stood up and then brought somthing and hide it under the blanket"hae.whats that?.." hyuk said in aneddy tone "dont worry about that now"hae said that while kissing hyuk deeply than kissing his way down until he reached the zipper he opened it with his teeth than took it off along with the boxer and then he stoped and took abreath "hyuk are you sure ?....i mean i can wait as long as you want i mean it i dont want you to hate me everr" hae was scared alittle bit"you idiot you stoped agreat to ask adump questaion like that i will never hate you as i said i love you and the last time i heard people dont love and hate every second"hae smiled "you will regret calling me an idiot" he said than grapped hyuk member in his hands and then started stroking it then he stoped smirked than moved his thump along the member"haaae dont tease"hae was enjoying what he was doing to hyuk.....
> "hae take your pants off please" he siad wining in acute way that made hae chuckle in afunny way and he did take it off and the game will start about now that was just thw start
> i will finish it tomorrow i have to sleep now.............sorry my dad is yelling at me sorry my english sucks and this is my first time writting such athing so please understand and dont hate me i will finish it i promice
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time
Title: The empty puzzle
Pairing: Haehyuk
Genre: angst, romance, fluff
Rating: NC-17

22 years ago, the maple House orphanage found an unfortunate little baby boy. The baby was crying under the red maple tree, leeteuk carried the baby inside and everybody gather around the baby.
"hyung who's baby is this?" kangin asked while feeding sungmin.
"i dont know, i found him under the maple tree" leeteuk answered while trying to calm the baby down.
"teuk appa, teuk appa! Look at this there's a letter inside the craddle" said yesung excitedly.
Leeteuk laid the baby down carefully and read the leeteuk. Tears fall down on his cheek. They found out that the baby name lee eun hyuk, his Mother abandoned him because she's unable to take care of him with all the loan shark chasing her. His mother left him a pendant, a cross with a small ruby gem in the middle. Hyukkie was a quiet boy, sure he was interacting, laughing with the other members of maple family. But when he's sad, or he has a problem, he tends to keep everything within himself. Until one day a knocked was heard in the maple's house. A lost kid with dirty face. His small body tremble because of his thin clothing in the middle of cold autumn breeze. His face was monotone. His name is donghae, he was 5 years old the same age as eunhyuk. It was found that his parent died in a roberry, the last thing that he remember was his mother screaming at him ask him to run away as far as possible. All donghae has it's his mother's bracelet that he accidently grab when he's letting go his mom's hand before he ran away. Donghae who was trapped in his sorrow unable to smile, laugh, and talk. Eunhyuk took a step closer to get near donghae, be friends with him.

They've become bestfriend. They always hang out with each other and like to make pranks to other members of Maple house. everyday full of laughter. They go to special goverment low budget school. They made a nickname for each other, hyukkie and hae. They make friends and always look out for each other. They like pieces of puzzles that complete each other.
Eunhyuk and donghae share this special bond, an everlasting friendship. Years after years eunhyuk and donghae would act like a brat everytimes family come to visit (family who wants to adopt) so they would not be separate from each other. At 13 eunhyuk being adopt by one ordinary family that lost his son in an accident. Before eunhyuk and donghae separate they swap their most precious treasure the cross and the bracelet. (sorry didn't make it detail, just imagine eunhyuk crying and hae is really sad hugging him, hae try to make hyukkie think positive)

8 years passed. They haven't heard from each other.. Donghae was adopted by a single Father who has a seafood restaurant. Donghae work there every morning, in the afternoon he went to his class and at night working part time in a bar as a bartender. Sure he has a tough life, he has to work, study,  and help his father. He's a hardworking man. One thing that makes everything worst it's his step father is a gambler. Donghae sometimes fight with his father, of course with a good reason. He always try to make his step father to stop his gambling habit. Hyukkie in the other hand live in a normal, average life. He go to his class, teach dance lesson as a part time job and have a loving family. 

One day hyukkie and his friend decided to go eat some steamboat in the middle of Cold day. He went to donghae's father's restaurant. As usual donghae work there. Hyukkie take his order and was feeling weird feeling when he listen to someone repeating their order. Hyukkie look back and found a handsome man in a well built body with a warm smile. Don't know why hyukkie keep coming back to the restaurant just to see this particular boy. Donghae is a very friendly person, he talk to his customer and famous amongs the ahjumaa, girls, anyone actually. One of the worker accidently pour some orange juice on eunhyuk's shirt. The worker apologize and hae came along and apologize behalf the restaurant. "I am so sorry sir, sir....?" eunhyuk just smiled and said "eunhyuk, it's okay don't worry it's just an accident" donghae was a bit shock hearing eunhyuk name. He offer eunhyuk to change to one of dry clothes and he agree to it. Donghae took eunhyuk to the second floor where donghae and his father live. It's small but it's what hae called home. He ask eunhyuk to sit down and then He took one of his shirt and give to eunhyuk. When he have the shirt his cross necklace fall out from his shirt hanging on hae's neck. Eunhyuk was suprised. "hae is that you?" (well they realize that they finally meet each other, hyukkie cry In happiness and hae start hugging him and tell him how they miss each other) now they spend their time often together in their free time. Catch up with each other and become best friends once again. Hae feel such an idiot for not paying attention to hyukkie's wrist because his mom's bracelet has been hanging there all along. He's just to occupy with his job. They are adult now, they realize that the feelings for each other is not a friendship. But more than that. It seems that they longing and need each other. It becomes more hard for them to separate everytimes they see each other. It's like puzzle that fits perfectly with each other. They blushed when their skin touch, it's really weird since usually this doesn't happen. There are moment when they look at each other eyes their faces start to become closer and closer. And suddenly there's always something comes up. They both know this is called love. Not family  love but more like love that makes us want to posses and feel that we belongs to him.

Never mind what all people might say and how they judge them, donghae decided to confess his feelings. He plan to meet hyukkie at his restaurant and from that they will go out together. It's almost reach the time where hyukkie arrived, donghae was smiling happily and also feel nervous. He let his coworkers handle the restaurant while his father in his friend house. He wait excitedly for his loved ones to come. A group of man with black outfit come. Kicking all the chairs in the restaurant, flip the table, shouting and scaring all the customer away.
"yah! Where's your father!? it's time for him to pay his debt!"
"who are you?"
"your father owe us 2 million!! Where the hell he is?!"
"2 million!? My father wouldn't owe that such of filthy money"
"what did you said!!? Do you want to die!!?" he grab donghae's hair and bang his head on the hard table.
"HAEEEEEEEEEEEE!! What did you do to him!?"
Another guy grab hyukkie's hand stopping hyukkie to approach hae.
"YAH!! don't you dare to touch him!"
"looks like he's someone special to you! How bout you give him to me, and I discount your father's debt"
"you bastard!" he punched the guy with all his might
And up being punch back. Donghae fell down and being hit again.
"stop it!" the guy that donghae punched said
"so you better pay the money in 2 weeks! Arasho!? If not, you will know what could happen"
All of them left, hyukkie went to hae. He found bruises at hae's face. But all hae worried is hyukkie's condition.. They went at donghae's room. Donghae said sorry for everything, he wouldn't thought that his father would do such thing. Hyukkie only said it's okay but he cried looking at donghae's wound. Donghae wipe hyukkie's tears. He asked hyukkie Why did he cry while wiping hyukkie's tears. Hyukkie innocently said that he felt hurt inside his chest, he was so afraid that they will hurt hae and kill him. Hae said that he would never leave hyukkie, he whisper those 3 words to hyukkie
"because I love you" he kiss hyukkie slowly and hyukkie push donghae aside, hae was shock at hyukkie's reaction but he calm down when hyukkie said "I love you too hae" they kiss again passionately and more deeper. Hae forgot all his pain. He knew he want this, he want to own hyukkie, filling the empty space inside of him. He's truly love him very much.


he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time



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