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Jun. 12th, 2010

title:he is our boyfirnd
warrning:school drama...romance...rape...smut...use of toy...spanking...alot worst(lol)
summaru:(here we goeunhyuk is anormal student in high school he is not the smartest or the strongest anyway on the other hand kibum and donghae are the school buliies who beat kids and steal thier lunch money everyday but someday when they are beating kids they see aboy walking alone in thier dark alley so they think about beating him but when they look at him he is so cute they think somthing elese after raping him everyday they both fall in love with him...........

''please dont..haaa" when eunhyuk heard the sound of apearson secreaming in his way back home all he could think about is helping that pearson....

"please its all i have i swear" the boy beged the bulies to leave him alone
"thats all you have brat huh?" donghae kicked the boy again and again
"your parents are rich dont lie you have more money than that where is it?" kibum said and he kicked the boy to

eunhyuk pov

i hears someone screaming and beging for help i hope iam not to late i ran to the voice it was adark alley then i standed the voice was gone i hope iam not too late god help me...

"i swaer it all i have i swear"the boy beged again"stop crying like agirl"hae yelled while kicking the boy"let me go please" the boy said one more time before he passed out from all the kicking and beating he got

i saw aboy laying on the floor lifeless omg is he died i walked to him and tried to wake him up "wake up can you hear me?" i asked while trying to wake the boy then he hardly opened his aeyes"g..go or they w..will hurt you" the boy said i couldnt understand well but i didnt care i wanted to help him..

donghae pov

i heard avoice from the behind omfg is that boy ok after all that beating me and kibum gave him i turened and saw anew boy standing above the boy we left..
"kibum look"i said while pointing towards the boy we left
"who is that stupid who is trying to help aboy who have just got beat up ?" kibum said i thinked about it too normaly people will just run away or somthing
"lets take alook"i said and we went and saw askinny boy trying to helo the guy we just beat to death omg is he that stupid..and he was realy pretty skinny and with red soft hair and milky skin he was like angel...i want him

kibum pov

i was looking at the boy who was trying to give ahand to the pearson we just left ...he was so cute red plump lips spft hair and tall slim body god am i drooling stoped kibum think stright i looked at hae he was looking toward the gut to we both didnt say aword until we say that the gut we left stand it up with the angel help ofcorse when the guy we left alomst died left the pretty boy was going to go i wanted to do somthing "i dont belive that boy think he can help whatever and get away with it lets teach him alesson waht do you say kibum?" hae asked me i nodded and here we are in front of him he was pritter from infront....god iam droling again

eunhyuk pov

i was so happy the guy i helped standed up and left and sudnly these tow boys were infront of me they came out of no where i was so scared they didnt look pacefull at all they looked at me for up to down like aguy cheeking agirl he like it was realy creepy calm down hyuk just walk away they probly want nothing.....i walked away passing them one of them who looks like afish pinned me on the wall am i going to get beat up too help me god please..."where do you think you are going?" the fish asked me "being anaughty boy and then just  going without apunishment that is not right?" the other boy said to me iam so fucked or i will be if i dont run the hell out

i tried to get away before end up with aslap on my fave (what the hell did i get myfelf into?) i asked myself while my face was so red and then the fish boy looked at me again "it hot in here why dont i help you with that" the fish boy ripped my shirt and the other guy pulled down my pants and boxer i was naked at thier murcey...

"turn him around it will be more fun from behind " the tall one said he looked quit younger that me but thats not what i was thinking i was naked in adark alley with two horny basterds trying to reape me but it was very hot in the same time omfg am i enjoying this "not before i do this " the fish boy said and licked my left nipple and sucked it until it was hard he sucked like ababy sucking his mom brest for milk "hhaaaaa...aaa s stop pleae"i was moaning and beging in the same time"give it atry kibum he is tasty" i learned one of thier names but that didnt hlep because now the other is licking my other nipple and sucking abd bitting with his teeth and i was moaning like aslut haveing fun.....

donghae pov

he was hot cute and sexy i wanted to fuck him like hell tonight is going to be fun i started kissing his mouth and exploring his moth with my tonque kibum graped his memeber and he moaned the most beautifull moan in the world i kissed hared before kissing his neck...before pulling kibum away "aaaaaaaaaahhhhh" he screamed as i gave him ablow job....then i turend him around his face on the wall he was screaming and i was enjoying it spicaly my little fishy was..

i will copelte it later
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time


Apr. 23rd, 2011 10:58 pm (UTC)
You should finish this!! >.



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