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title:our big date
summary:kihyuk first date with each other

i dont own any of the boys so........ihatelifesomuch

"its for you" eunhyuk was standing in shock infront of all the studnts there was the strong pretty famouse kibum giving him flowers eunhyuks wonderd if its real...."ouuuuuuuuch" and it was he piched himself and it was realy true not adream.....

"omg are you ok?" eunhyuk was still shocked he was holding eunhyuk hand seeing if he is ok not caring that all the students were looking and whispiring to each other....eunhyuk was realy in shock...

"y yea i..am fine" eunhyuk tried hard not to faint although it was very hard with that smile on kibum face that he loved for along time...
"what happend?" "i just ..."  eunhyuk was to embarresed to say the true

"making sure it was real" he finaly said it
"ehh?" kibum gave him acute smile and took his hand"lee hyukaje will you go out with me on adate" kibum was realy scared that eunhyuk will say no because even though kibum was famouse eunhyuk was avery loved pearson alot of people had crush on him.


kibum pov

omg he said yes ...iam so happy omg where should i take him? what should i wear ?what should i say?what should i do?
calm down kibum you have two day till the date oh my fucking god just two day 
"what am i going to say what if he have abad time?"
god i miss him i will text hin now

eunhyuk pov

stupid homework its the middle of the night and iam not finish "ehh" i have atext letter from .......omg kibum fuck the homework love come first then homework

hi hyuk
i miss you alot about our date where do you want to go?
i mean i just want you to have fun
love yea bye

eunhyuk gigled like aschool girl when he read it and soon atart o replay

i missed you 2 life is boring wihtout you and homework isnt making it better
anywere you like is fime with me
love yea 2 bye bye

i wonder where he will take me?

kibum pov
after getting his reply i couldnt help but smile at his cutnesse imagining him saying love yea is so cute kibum what are you doing get ready now

finaly the day of the date here iam infront of his house realy scared of what is going to happen ans also happy iam haveing my first date with the love of my life....

the door is open here he is standing there smiling at me kibum say somthing dont stand there like afool god he is so perfect that perfect skin with that black skinny jeans and white shirt with black jaket......he look like agirl i want to kiss him and hug him and touch kibum wake up

eunhyuk pov

he wasnt saying anything iam so scared do i look bad or somthing.."hi kibum" i said to break the silence ..."hi lets go" he finaly said somthing iam so happy man he look good why is he dating me?

anyway we went in his car yes he has ablue sport care his parents are rich he was wearing asuit omg are we going somwere formal i should have wore somthing diffrent

"nice car" i said i hate the silnce "its not as nice as you" i cant belice he said that omg eunhyuk dont let him see you blushing
anyway we went to abig resturent orderd he let me order for him which was realy cool..this resturant is big so i tried to order somthing not so expinsive....we ate and talked about school life music everything

kibum pove

we are in the park walking "hyuk can i kiss you?" i asked because i cant take it anymore
he was blushing like hell he nodded and i got closer i can fell his hot breath aganist mine this feeling is so great then our lips met i didnt do athing until he opend his mouth to invit me in and i tool the chance " ki.." he tried to say somthing between our kiss but i kept lcking his lips and making his go crazy finaly we stopped kissing after like 10 minutes omg are we human?

eunhyuk pov

i just had my first kiss my first real date and it was with the man of my dreams this is the best day ever and i didnt fain or anything to make him scared

we are ifront of my house making out god we should stop everybody in the street saw us but we didnt care
"hyuk i love you i always have please accept my feeling" he asked me"ofcurse i accpet your feeling stupid why are we having this date then" i said smiling "thanx alot moment runiner " i smiled and kissed him slowley "i love you too from along time " i smiled and blushed how did i say that in asecond

he smiled and i went home....this is my favirot day we kept talking on the phone acutaly i kept talking and he was listoning and agreeing with me i love him and nothin can stop us after our big date


pleae comment pleaseeeeeeeeeeei know i sick i should have wrote the date with more ditals i know i know iknow
he loves sungmin and he loves kibum and they love each other who will he end up with eunhyuk is just thinking about that all the time


Apr. 10th, 2011 06:38 pm (UTC)
ohhhhhhhh u write kihyuk (not suppose to be shipping but....>.<) kyaa!! i rly want to read!!



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